An accomplished artist and photographer recognized internationally for her professional accomplishments in a range of mediums, including clay, sculpture, painting, drawing, and photography. She is best known for her Nostalgic, Realistic, and Historical representations exhibited in private and public art galleries. Her passion for art and curiosity of other cultures has taken her all over the world, where she has taught, organized, and promoted art. "I was born a gypsy," she says, "moving with family from place to place as migrant farm workers, picking oranges in Florida, apples in New York, cherries in Michigan, and even spending hot summers in the cotton fields of Alabama." This early childhood experience continues to influence & inspire her work, motivating her to travel paths untravelled, learn from communities facing unfaced challenges, and give expression to the voices unheard. Since 2008, she has exclusively focused her art work in the field of photography & human rights becoming a witness with camera picturing social justice.
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